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Get Ready Michigan for the 2011 Summer Organizer Program!

Brighton — The success of Obama 2012 is going to rest on continuing to build a grassroots network that is empowered and trained to reach out to their neighborhoods and get them to be IN. An important part to keeping the grassroots growing will be to train the next generation of community organizer. That is the main goal of our 2011 Summer Organizer Program.

Regional Field Director Kyle McCree and Laura Warbelow.

Our staff recently got together for an all-day retreat in Brighton to prepare for the Summer Organizer program. Much of the discussion centered on the kickoff to this year’s program, a two-day training that will take place at the Detroit headquarters. This training will lay the groundwork for the education our Summer Organizers will receive throughout the program, and will underscore the importance of our work. We talked about ways to make the training and the information tailored to Michigan while emphasizing the important skills community organizers need to have.

Regional Field Directors Melissa Bernardi and Jody Money.

State Director Garrett Arwa also introduced his idea for a Summer Organizer ambassadorship, so the interns can develop relationships with important community leaders in their community. “This is important,” We know our Summer Organizers feel a connection to President Obama, but we also want them to have a connection and understanding of Michigan and people at the state level that fight for their communities every day.”

Sections of the extensive training were rehearsed, events for the summer were brainstormed among the group, and a commitment to use this program to keep the grassroots growing was made. This year’s Summer Organizer program will train the next generation of organizer and soon they’ll be reaching out to YOU to get involved. Want to beat them to the punch? Click here to find events near you or drop us a line at [email protected] and let us know you want to you want to work with a Summer Organizer.

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