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George: “My father registered to vote”

I just wanted to take time to tell President Obama and his team about what this election means to me. Late last week, for the first time in the 45 years he's been eligible, my father registered to vote in November's election.

Never in my 37 years have I seen my father care enough about an election to participate. He's watched as Republicans mount attacks on women, education, health care, and Medicare, and has had enough. I've never seen him speak as strongly as he does when speaking about women's rights. He and my mother take care of my niece in excess of 45 hours per week while my brother works. He has stated more than once that he wouldn't stand around and let someone limit not only what to do with her body, but how much she will be paid. He doesn't want an America like that—nor do I.

At this time when my father fights numerous ailments while his insurance shrinks, my family believes we need President Obama more then ever. I wanted to just send a brief message letting the President know we stand with you and we will win in November!

—George, Ohio

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