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Gary: “Forever grateful”

"I’ve worked at the Sharonville Ford Transmission Plant for 35 years. In my years at the plant, I’ve seen it at its best and I’ve seen it at its worse.

"In the wake of the auto industry’s struggles while Republicans like Mitt Romney were saying ‘let the auto industry go bankrupt,’ many of my coworkers, friends, and neighbors were being laid off.

"Meanwhile, I was worried about being able to retire with honor, to receive a retirement pension, and provide for my family and two daughters. But the President was looking out for us.

"Against what everyone else was saying, he took the bold step to save my job and thousands of others across Ohio. Because of his action, I'm retiring from the Sharonville Transmission Plant. Not only with my pension, but also with my dignity.

"President Obama’s actions allowed me to finish my 35-year career at this plant, and because of it, I am putting my two daughters through college.

"I am forever grateful to the President for saving the auto industry and all the jobs it provides in communities like Sharonville across Ohio. It took bravery, leadership, and a true commitment to the middle class. And that’s why I stand with him today."

Gary, Ohio

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