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Georgia Campaign Calendar

We’ve rolled out an interactive campaign calendar that will keep us all in the loop as we organize over the next year.

It’s got it all—from upcoming primaries and debates to neighborhood canvasses and trainings happening in your community. We’ll be updating this calendar regularly—and you’ll know about changes as soon as we do, because it syncs with your personal Outlook and Google calendars online. You'll be able to find all your important campaign dates, like the last day you can register to vote where you live, right alongside your other to-dos.

Another really cool thing about this calendar is that it actually maps out our organizing strategy for the next 12 months. It shows the phase we’re currently in, what that means for your community, and how the work we’re all doing is connected to that strategy. Right now, we’re in the team-building phase—growing neighborhood teams of supporters across the country. It's the phase that will lay the foundation for the four phases to come over the rest of the campaign.

Commit to volunteer for 2012 today and stay up to date by downloading the interactive calendar.

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