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"The future belongs to young people with an education and imagination to create it."


President Obama has made huge strides for Young Americans in his first term. These college students have committed to vote for the President, here's why:



"This is my first presidential election, so I was really excited to vote. I go to school down in Boston, so I've already sent in my absentee ballot. I know how important it is for the President to win in New Hampshire, that's why I decided to cast my vote in my hometown."

"As a college student, I really do benefit from things like staying on my parent's healthcare. So when you look at the candidates and only see one guy standing up there working for college students, it's an obvious choice. President Obama has already done so much to help our generation, so we need another four years."



"For me, this election is about the choice over my body and for access to affordable birth control. It's such a prominent issue for women my age. What some people, particularly male politicians, fail to remember, is that this isn't just a one time cost, it's a payment that women must sustain over decades."



"I tutor local students at an after-school program, so I get to work with kids in small groups. I see first-hand how giving them one-on-one attention makes a difference. When Romney claims that class size doesn't affect a child's education, that's just nonsensical to me! It's obvious that education just isn't a priority for him."



"As a gay woman, I can't support a candidate that wants to take huge leaps back on the progress we have made on LGBT issues. Romney doesn't support gay marriage and as Governor, he made it extremely difficult for gay couples to adopt in Massachusetts. I don't want to have to jump through unnecessary hoops with my partner if we choose to adopt a child, just because we are gay."



"If it weren't for the increase in funding to Pell Grants, I wouldn't be in college today. I rely on that funding to help pay tuition costs, so I know that I have a lot to thank the President for. I'm excited to cast my ballot for him next week!"

If you're voting for Barack Obama on Tuesday, make it official - commit to vote right now.


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