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Friday Facts—How the American Jobs Act Supports Teachers

The recession has had a devastating impact on schools across the country, putting teachers out of work and leaving students without the resources they need to learn. Without additional support, many school districts will face difficult decisions about teachers, class sizes, and spending on supplies.

The American Jobs Act will provide much-needed support to these districts, helping to keep teachers in the classroom and keep kids learning.

This week’s Friday Facts take a by-the-numbers look at the situation and how the American Jobs Act will help:

  • 280,000—Teaching jobs that could be at risk in the coming school year due to state and local funding cuts

  • $30 billion—Investment the American Jobs Act will make to support efforts to rehire educators

  • Nearly 400,000—Educators who will be retained or rehired as a result of the American Jobs Act

For more, download the full fact sheet.

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