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Friday Facts: We Can’t Wait to Support Homeowners, Students, and Veterans

President Obama has taken executive action over the past few weeks to help Americans struggling to find jobs, pay off student loans, and stay on top of mortgages. This week’s Friday Facts takes a look at how the President’s newest initiatives will help:

The Home Affordability Refinance Program will now be able to provide refinancing to more homeowners.

The “Pay as You Earn” program, starting in January, will allow certain student borrowers to cap their federal student loans at 10 percent of their income available after paying for taxes and personal necessities.

President Obama challenged the nation’s community health centers to hire 8,000 veterans over the next three years.

For more, including how the President is helping small business owners and Americans with prescription drug costs, download the full fact sheet—and bring it with you when you talk to voters this weekend.

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