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Friday Facts: The Auto Industry Recovery

This week’s Friday Facts takes a look at the auto industry’s path to recovery.

With major American auto manufacturers in danger of collapsing in 2009, President Obama made the tough, politically unpopular call to provide emergency loans to GM and Chrysler. Today, the industry is back—all of the Big Three (GM, Chrysler, and Ford) are profitable for the first time in years, and new fuel standards will help make sure the industry keeps moving in the right direction.

  • 1.4 million: American jobs saved through President Obama’s decision to extend emergency loans to GM and Chrysler in 2009

  • 1 in 25: Number of U.S. workers whose jobs rely on a healthy auto industry

  • $1.7 trillion: Amount consumers will save at the pump thanks, in part, to new fuel economy standards proposed by the Obama administration

Download the fact sheet to learn more the auto industry’s turnaround—then share it with your friends out on the campaign trail.

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