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Friday facts: Reducing carbon pollution and protecting our environment

President Obama has taken historic action to reduce greenhouse gases and toxic air pollution, cleaning up the air we breathe and protecting our environment from harmful emissions that contribute to climate change

  • Developed the first-ever standard to limit greenhouse gases from new fossil-fuel-fired power plants, the nation’s largest individual sources of carbon pollution

  • Enacted the first-ever fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty trucks, which will keep 270 million metric tons of greenhouse gases from polluting the atmosphere

  • Established the first-ever national standard for mercury and toxic air pollution from power plants, which will prevent up to 130,000 cases of asthma symptoms each year

  • Set a target to cut greenhouse gas pollution from the federal government, the single largest user of electricity and fuel in the country, by 28 percent by 2020

Find out more about President Obama’s commitment to protecting our environment.

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