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Friday Facts: An Empowered CFPB

This week’s Friday Facts takes a look at how the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau—with Richard Cordray as its new director—will take action to protect American families from predatory lenders and risky financial practices.

Despite months of obstruction by Republicans in Congress, the CFPB will finally be empowered to fulfill its mandate: overseeing financial institutions and making sure everyone plays by the same rules, to help prevent situations like the 2008 financial crisis from happening again.

  • 2 in 3: Number of American families that have a credit card

  • 3,151: Number of credit card complaints already resolved through the CFPB’s Consumer Response office

  • Over 100: Number of big financial institutions with assets over $10 billion that the CFPB is responsible for supervising

Download the fact sheet for more on how the CFPB is fighting for consumers—then, share it with friends and neighbors out on the campaign trail.

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