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A little perspective (and a free gift)

The other day, someone came up to me and said, "Remember Sarah Palin's death panels?"

Five years ago, some folks were saying our chances of passing health care reform were destroyed—except that isn't what happened at all. When Washington insiders decided the fight was over, people like you refused to believe it, and kept on organizing.

That's an amazing reminder of why we all do what we do. To celebrate that, OFA is giving away a free sticker to anyone who's proud to be a grassroots organizer—sign up right now, and we'll put one in the mail for you.

Get your sticker before they run out!

If you stay at this work long enough, you learn better than to trust the cynics in Washington when it comes to what's possible. When these fights are the hardestwhen it doesn't seem like there's any chance in hell we're going to win, that's exactly when our work matters most.

No one thinks comprehensive immigration reform or raising the minimum wage will be a cinch, and that's why OFA exists—to grow a movement of progressive organizers who aren't going to give up when the pundits say it's over.

Because the next time someone tells you to call it quits and move on from a fight you believe in, tell them to think about the millions of Americans who right this very minute have access to quality, affordable health care because of Obamacare—many for the very first time.

It wouldn't have happened without people like you, and I hope you're proud of it. Show your organizing pride and get your free bumper sticker today.

Get yours
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