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Fredrick plans for 2012

Over 20 of President Obama's most dedicated volunteers got together last Thursday to kick off the 2012 campaign in Fredrick, Maryland. Addressing the group, Regional Lead Boyce R. and State Director Jason Waskey talked about the importance of the 2012 elections, as well as how to support grassroots volunteers in their area. The group thought through ideas of ways to strengthen the region for the upcoming campaign, as well as weighed in with new thoughts for future activities.

Fredrick is totally in.

By the time the meeting was done, everyone was brimming with excitement and ideas for voter registration events and volunteer sign-ups. Unsurprisingly, the meeting closed with cheers of “fired up, ready to go!"

Come join us at our next meeting by giving our office a call at 240 242 5750, or following us on Twitter for all the latest news!

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