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88-year old Helen says, “I’m Barack Obama’s biggest supporter in my Richmond retirement home.”

Helen was determined to be at the Bristow event last night to hear from her favorite president, Barack Obama.

“He is a great man with a wonderful American story of how everyone can be successful in this country. He attended some of the best schools and could have had any job making lots of money. Instead, he chose to serve the community and I love him for that. “

Bundled up, Helen waited for hours in the cold with her son and his family to show her support for the president. This week, she gladly cast her in-person absentee ballot for the President. She says, “I voted for the man who wants to make a difference in this country. Barack and Michelle are shining examples of what America is all about, making sure everyone has an opportunity to succeed.”

Manassas resident Gloria waited in line for five hours to see President Obama.

She says, “I am so proud to stand by him to show my support for four more years.”

"He has worked so hard for this country. I will be there on Tuesday to vote for him. There is so much at stake. I hope voters will think about how much President Obama is doing to make sure our children have opportunity and a future."

On Tuesday, after voting, Gloria says she’ll volunteer to get out the vote to help give President Obama four more years to continue moving our country FORWARD.

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