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Forward in Virginia

Ready to Go Rally, Richmond, VA, May 5th, 2012

Last weekend, Debra and Aaron, Obama 2012 organizers in Northern Virginia, headed south for the campaign rally in Richmond—and they got to share the moment with their volunteer team:

Aaron: “All the staff from all over Virginia were there, and we helped our Alexandria volunteers organize carpools. We heard some pretty neat stories of volunteers who don’t hang out together in their regular lives, people from different backgrounds, really making connections.”

Debra: “Another group went out for barbecue in Richmond with new friends they met at the rally. I worked the general admission line, so I probably talked to almost everyone who came out. It was hot and sticky, but even while waiting in line everyone was in a good mood and jazzed up to see the President. It was nice to see so many people ready to get to work. To get pumped up, we did “the wave” in the stands with the Forward signs—ten times across the entire stadium.”

When they got back from the rally, Aaron and Debra went right back to work, because this weekend, OFA-VA is opening a brand-new office in Alexandria.

Debra: “The rally bumped up our number of recruits for the office opening. And it’s really been amazing. Everyone’s been pitching in however they can: A woman came in to paint ‘2012’ on the walls, people are making signs, and yesterday we had about 20 people in the office cleaning and decorating.”

Aaron: “When we got our keys the place was not in great shape—there were holes in the walls! I don’t know where Debra finds some of these volunteers, but for every problem we have she finds someone who is an expert in that field. The office started out pretty mediocre, but now it’s really welcoming.”

Debra: “Tomorrow when we officially open our doors, everyone who comes by will sign in and get a nametag—and we’re putting up a big calendar where they can sign up to join a team, with a map so they can see what teams are operating where. We’re also asking folks to get involved with specific groups like Women for Obama. I’m trying to start a local Families for Obama group—organizing picnics and kid-friendly activities, so families can do voter registration together. We’ve even got a Salsa for Obama night at a place that gives free salsa lessons!

“I really want everyone to feel like they own this office. I hope every person who comes in the door and lends a hand is going to want to bring their friends here to show it off.”

If you live in Northern Virginia, join team Alexandria at tomorrow’s office opening party and help move our work in Virginia forward. Not in the Commonwealth? Find an event happening near you this weekend.

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