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Former Newspaper Editor Turned Tempe Fellow Realized The Power Of Community Organizing

chris and olivia

As a former community newspaper editor, I appreciate community. It means people. It means communion. By far the greatest part of this fellowship has been the people. It wasn’t getting national press attention; it was seeing the reaction of my neighborhood team leader Raquel when she saw her face in the newspaper. It wasn’t registering hundreds of voters; it was the feelings of satisfaction watching one supporter register their community. That’s what community is for — to build on, to lean on, and, in the end, to be proud of.

In order to re-elect President Obama, there must be an order to things. Organizing for America provides that order. It also develops community leaders. There must be leaders because there is so much work to be done. It all starts with one phone call to one supporter. Then those supporters call another and so forth and so forth. I think that’s the take home from this fellowship is that we are truly Greater Together.

Whether we’re from Tempe or Mesa; whether we’re a student or a graduate; whether we are Latino or Native American, we are all better as a unit. That’s what community organizing is all about. That’s what I learned from being a Fall Fellow; and that’s what I loved about being a Fall Fellow. You should be a Fellow too. Apply to be a Spring Fellow in Arizona today.

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