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For Team Grand Rapids, June 23rd was a Night of Phone Calls for Obama 2012

Grand Rapids- We have been spending the last two2 and a half months asking people across the state to be IN for Obama 2012. Encouraging neighbors to call neighbors is a great way for our grassroots leaders to let their community know about the opportunities they have to get involved.

In Grand Rapids last week, grassroots leaders held two phone banks with over a dozen community members diligently reaching out to ask their neighbors to be IN for Obama 2012 and to be part of their efforts.

Joy B was phone banking for her second time. She enjoyed herself the first time and wanted to give it a try again.

“ I want to help and see President Obama have a second term, and I will call until it happens,” said Joy after a couple of calls.

While Joy was burning up the phones at one location, we also had grassroots leaders call from Team Leader Fred D’s house. Scattered throughout the house, the volunteers had dozens of critical conversations, scheduling people they talked to for sit-down meetings and inviting them to Grassroots Organizing trainings.

“People know about our efforts! I ask if they are familiar with our campaign and not only are they supporters, but they are on board and want to help!”

Community Organizer Gail C (who hosted a house party earlier that day) made soup and was very hospitable welcoming anyone who was willing to help. It’s because of Gail, along with Summer Organizers Arielle and Kali that phone banking plans become events and action.

Gail Preparing for everyone!

Community Organizer Gail C

“It is so nice to see people wanting to help President Obama so early. This is just going to make us that much stronger when 2012 comes around,” said Kali S, who rushed to the phone bank after completing a one on one meeting.

2008 was a success because of supporters like you! OFA and President Obama need your help for 2012. Click here to see upcoming events and pledge to be IN. Also, follow OFA Michigan on twitter at @OFA_MI for upcoming event details!

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