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#FollowFriday - Tweets of the Week

@OFA_IA's Summer Organizer program is wrapping up it's third week and our SO's are really hitting the ground running. This week the SO's started setting up house parties and meeting with more volunteers. Some of the organizers here in Des Moines held a GPS to develop a strategy and connect with voters while organizers in southwest Iowa continued building relationships and our eastern Iowa staff set up their Cedar Rapids office.

@a_nem:Today, an @OFA_IA volunteer and old friend called ME to schedule a one-on-one meeting. This is why organizing in Iowa is the best #SumOrg11

@brandsgard: A lot of great ideas came out of @OFA_IA WDM GPS, including two house parties! #SumOrg11 #Obama2012

@itsKatie73: @OFA_IA and @OFA_MN reunite at a wedding break from #sumorg11

@OFA_Cassie: @BarackObama: 33,000 starting to come home as we begin to withdraw from Afghan. One of them will be my sister!!! @OFA_IA #SumOrg11

@LauraBloomer: person on the phone told me she had a min to talk before leaving, and I scheduled a 1:1. @OFA_IA def taught us the hard ask! #sumorg11

@trent_schacht: @ofa_alex making the hard ask for a 1-on-1 "I don't drink coffee either, it's just a convenient place to meet" #relentless #sumorg11

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