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Floridians speak out for the American Jobs Act

Last month President Obama introduced a plan to restore strength and stability for middle class families. Now Floridians are speaking out to support the President's plan as Congressional Republicans try to derail progress with political games.

In Celebration, small business owner Eric W. explains why he backs the plan.

"Support for small businesses will allow us to hire and purchase the necessary equipment to continue operating our business, which further expands employment in our community. Please support the Presidents Job's plan."

For Matthew S. in Davie the American Jobs Act provides crucial support to first responders.

"It is prudent, common sense that this bill for our teachers and first responders is a necessity that should not be used for politics."

Danielle Q. in Altamonte Springs has seen why schools need the investment President Obama's plan will bring.

"As a teacher and a mother, I know how much public schools are suffering. We have to get more teachers in the classroom."

Philip B. in Palm Bay agrees returning veterans deserve the security this plan will give them.

"You got to hire these young people who are returning from war. Make them cops, firefighters, and sanitation workers. They risked their lives for our country!"

President Obama won't back down, and Jerome W. in Madison thinks that's a good thing.

"As an employer, I know how difficult it is to listen to people that are desperate for employment. People are willing to work and want to go to work now. I applaud the President for keeping the pressure on Congress."

Join these Floridans and share why you think it's important to support the President's plan.

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