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Florida’s Marco Rubio for VP?

Ever since the GOP presidential campaign started, we've been hearing that the eventual vice presidential pick could be one of Florida's own: Senator Marco Rubio.

With Mitt Romney expected to announce his running mate sometime very soon, we have some work to do.

You see, Floridians know Marco Rubio—all the way from his time in the Florida House of Representatives to his election to the U.S. Senate. But most Americans don't know him—or the extreme, tried-and-failed policies he'd bring with him to a Romney administration.

Share what you think the rest of the country should know about what Rubio's really done in Florida—the good, bad, and ugly—and why he'd be a disaster as our next vice president.

Your feedback will help hold Rubio accountable, if and when Romney chooses him. And there's a lot to be held accountable for.

In the Florida State House, Rubio balanced the budget by sticking it to the middle class. And in the Senate, Rubio's led the way on almost every extreme position Mitt Romney has embraced. If chosen as Romney's VP, we can count on Rubio to lead us right back to the failed economic policies of the past. Remember—this is the guy who called George W. Bush a "fantastic" president.

Weigh in on what you think Americans should know about Marco Rubio's record.

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