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Flint Celebrates Cinco de Mayo and Hispanic Heritage with Cesar Chavez Drive

Flint — As we celebrate Cinco de Mayo, residents of Flint proudly continue to celebrate Hispanic heritage as they drive through the center of the city. Known to most residents as “Chavez”, Flint residents use Cesar Chavez Drive as the southbound service way for I-475. What many people don’t know is that Flint made history in 1987, becoming the first city in the US to name a street after Cesar Chavez, the pioneer for Latino civil rights in America, particularly with the farm labor movement.

Cesar Chavez March

For the past five years, member of the Flint Latino, Labor and Civil Rights movements have gathered at Cesar Chavez Drive for a march and a program. Local supporters of Obama 2012 were proud to join in this year’s celebration. As we celebrate the amazing accomplishments of Latinos in every fabric of American society it is vital that we remember those who have paved the way for their achievement. Cesar Chavez marched not only for the rights of immigrant farm workers, he fought for the American Dream to reach every corner of our country.

Cesar Chavez March2
It is this legacy, that Flint is proud to celebrate as we drive through our city — a constant reminder of our past and the hope of our future.
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