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Flash Mob and Summer Organizing? Just Ask Jessika About That

Jessika T

President Obama has always been an inspiration to Jessika T. of Richmond Heights. That’s why it wasn’t hard for her to decide to get involved in the summer organizer program in Missouri, especially after the results of the 2010 election.

“Democrats need to become active now for success in 2012.”,

Jessika is excited to join the President’s grassroots effort. She was especially excited about participating in a conference call with President Obama last week with summer organizers from across the country.

“I find it amazing that the President took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us. That really makes me have more faith that I am volunteering for someone who understands the importance of volunteers and the grassroots efforts.”

Jessika says that she is having a great time learning the systems and methodology of the organizing for the 2012 campaign.

“After studying politics as an undergrad, I really appreciate the commitment to results Obama for America strives to achieve.”

What gets Jessika jazzed when she isn’t organizing? DANCE! She’s been dancing and teaching dance since she was 3. This may explain her desire to plan a flash mob for the campaign! (Now, that’s one event I can’t wait to see.)

Want to know more about what Summer Organizers are doing? Follow the action on Twitter#SumOrg11.

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