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You never know

Katherine voted early for President Obama in Florida

"I believe in President Obama. I believe in what he's done to promote women's rights and women's health. Health care, veterans benefits, a strong economy – they're all part of an equation that helps women."

Katherine has many reasons for supporting President Obama, and last weekend she showed her support at the polls. On Sunday morning she woke up early, got her six year old daughter ready, and went together to the local polling place to cast an Early Vote ballot for President Obama.

"You never know what could come up on Election Day. Something happens with your child, a project gets assigned to you at work—it's not worth the risk. It is worth it to Early Vote."

Now that she's voted, Katherine is free to make sure others get out and do the same. So over the next seven days, including on Election Day, Katherine will be making calls to remind her friends and neighbors about Early Vote, and offering rides to those who need them.

The President is counting on all of us to do our part now. Find your early vote location at, then, sign up to volunteer and help get out the vote.

Get Out the Vote in Florida

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