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Why Billy is proud to stand with the President

"My partner and I have been waiting for the day that we are no longer treated like second-class citizens. Thank you for backing our community and opening your ears and heart to hear our voices!

"I am the same as you: I am a hardworking man who wants nothing more than to spend the rest my life with the person I love. We share our lives and our love for each other, and don't care what people think about us being who we are. We proudly hold each other's hands walking down the road, dance with each other at the straight clubs, and live happily open about who we are.

"Thank you for speaking out for gay rights! This could not have come at a better time, as Pride month is about to begin, and we can celebrate and be proud that we have a President who backs our life and choices."

—Billy, Florida

Celebrate Pride month by signing up for LGBT Americans for Obama today.

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