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Who is going to stand with us?

Monica understands how important the Affordable Care Act is for women.

When Monica was 38-years old she found what every woman fears—a lump in her breast. Luckily, she had it removed soon after and is here today.

Afterwards her doctor made one thing very clear though: she should have a mammogram yearly.

"Women need to have mammograms yearly. It's not something you need every ten years because you could miss something.

A mammogram is about $400, and that's a lot of money for the typical American. I have always had insurance but I remember that it still cost about $178 out of my own pocket to have one.

Thanks to Obamacare women like Monica now have access to annual mammograms free of charge.

"I think that the Affordable Care Act is going to make a huge difference, not just to me, but to millions of other women; women who avoid getting one because of the high cost.

We need someone who understands us as President. You have to ask yourself who is going to stand with us? And that's Barack Obama.

As a young girl, birth control helped me a lot. I want to make it clear I wasn't sexually active.

That's where the problem is. I think the Republican Party doesn't understand a lot of the things that women are faced with at any number of ages. I was on birth control because I had health issues, not because I wanted to be sexually promiscuous.

I ask women to remember one thing this November. No matter what your circumstances are in life, think about other women with kindness and understanding. We're often the ones who take risks for our family, and we need to stand up for what's right this November."

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