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What It Means

Haitian Heritage Month, Dotie, Miami, volunteer

May is Haitian Heritage Month and Dotie in Miami took a minute to reflect on the importance of this campaign and what it means to the Haitian-American community.

I volunteer for President Obama whenever I can. I’ve done voter registrations in the past, and now we’re planning a community event in North Miami for the Haitian-American community to get fired up for this November.

Dotie has seen President Obama's leadership and knows that he is standing up for the Haitian-American community.

President Obama values the same thing Haitians value—family, immigration reform, and equal opportunity. As a Haitian-American, the President’s advocacy for Haitians following the devastating earthquake in January of 2010 really meant a lot.

I support President Obama because I think he is an extremely qualified leader. He has done amazing things during the course of just a few years, like passing the Affordable Care Act to help thousands of people here in Florida get the health care they need.

That's why at the end of the day I'm voting for Barack Obama: he cares about all Americans—including Haitian-Americans like me.

If you've got the President's back like Dotie, now is the time to get involved in your community.

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