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“We're going to make our voices heard”

Yvette is organizing 60 churches to vote early in her Souls to the Polls initative

Early Thursday morning Yvette couldn't wait to stand in a line that wound block after block through Ybor City because there's nothing that would keep her from seeing the President when he came to town.

Yvette is proud and grateful to the generations that came before her and opened doors so that one day we would see someone named Barack Obama be President of the United States of America. Now she wants to do her part to open doors for others, so she's doing everything she can to re-elect President Obama.

"We're calling churches and asking them to get their congregation involved, especially this Sunday. We want people to vote and we want them to vote early. We call it Souls to the Polls and I think it's really important to the African-American community.

What we're doing is really exciting and we've gotten commitments from about 60 churches in the area. The Civil Rights movement sprang to life in the churches of the Deep South and it's important that the people who are growing up in this generation understand the importance of what our ancestors fought for. I think voting is the greatest of those civil rights.

Our first Souls to the Polls shift is this Sunday after the first services are completed. We're encouraging congregations to travel together to cast their ballots because this election is too important to sit on the sidelines.

All of us can come together in unity; it's a family affair. We want you to take ownership. Grab your neighbors hand, tell them 'Hey let's go vote, no excuses.' We're gonna do it, we're not gonna complain, and we're gonna have fun!

Get all the information you need to vote early in Florida here:

Florida: Find Where to Early Vote

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