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“Voting should be important to you”

Arlana is a Florida Student for Obama

When Arlana graduated from high school in Green Cove Springs her mother couldn’t afford to cover the costs of attending college. She worked hard to earn scholarships that covered her first year, but beyond that Arlana's academic future was uncertain.

Just a few months after starting college she voted for the very first time, supporting a U.S. Senator from Illinois with a funny name – Barack Obama.

One of the first things President Obama did was double the funding for Pell Grants. This helped make college more affordable for 10 million students – including Arlana.

Thanks to Pell Grants, Arlana has been able to focus on pursuing her dream of becoming a gemologist rather than wondering how she could scrape together money for her next tuition payment.

Now, Arlana is volunteering for the President and spreading the word to her fellow students about how it will impact their lives.

"If you're in school, and school is important to you, then voting should be important to you," she says.

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