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Voting early was the right decision

Eduardo supports President Obama in Florida

As soon as Eduardo decided to vote for Barack Obama, he knew that he had to vote early.

"I wanted to vote early because you never know what can happen, and I had to make sure my vote counted. Voting early was the right decision, and voting early for Barack Obama was the right decision."

"I may not agree with the President on everything, but the important thing is that he respects my decisions. He wants everyone to be able to make their own choices. As a father of two, as a person of faith, being allowed to love whoever you want, being able to control what happens to your body, and being able to make your own decisions about what's best for you – these are the things that are important to me. That's why I came out to Early Vote for the President."

Eduardo isn't the only one voting early. Early Voting kicked off across the Sunshine State on October 27th, and is available through November 3rd.

Get all the information you need to Early Vote at:

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