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Vote Now! at 100-years old

Isabel in Florida

To celebrate her 100th birthday, Isabel asked for a special present: Could someone take her to the polls to vote for President Obama in this election?

Isabel knew she would have trouble standing on a long line in the hot sun on Election Day – they don't call it the Sunshine State for nothing – but she was determined to cast her ballot in person.

Lucky for her, she learned about the option to Vote Now.

Available to Floridians in certain counties, vote now is an easy way to cast your ballot. Here's how it works:

  1. Go to your closest Supervisor of Elections office, and bring a valid photo ID*.

  2. Request your absentee ballot in person.

  3. Complete and return your ballot on the spot!

  4. Don't forget to sign your ballot envelope.

Word spread in the community about Isabel's planned trip to the county Supervisor of Elections office to vote for President Obama. Soon, Isabel's friends were asking: could they come, too?

So on Friday morning, Isabel and a group of her friends were on their way to make their voices heard. It wasn't a party with balloons or cake, but voting for President Obama made this a memorable birthday for Isabel.

And after a century's worth of birthday presents, that's really saying something.

To learn more about Vote Now and to see if you can vote now where you live, visit:

Learn About Vote Now

* Important: Bring one current and valid photo ID that includes your signature. If your photo ID does not have a signature on it, you can show a second ID that does (For example: bring your student ID plus your debit card).

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