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Volunteers across America: Florida

My name is David Stack and I’m a proud gay man, Evangelical, and supporter of President Obama. I’m also the voter registration captain for Wilton Manors in Broward County, Florida. I worked on the campaign in ’08, canvassing neighborhoods as much as I could.

This time around, I saw the importance of getting involved as a leader. When the 2012 campaign started taking off, I read that the President’s strategy was to expand the electorate. I could see how that was being blocked in Florida with new voting laws, so I wanted to be out on the front lines as much as possible. I wanted to make sure people were registered and educated about the new laws so that their vote would count.

I was born in Kenya as a missionary kid. I love to tell people that Barack Obama wasn’t born there, I was! I grew up very much a part of my church and graduated from Oral Roberts University. My family is as evangelically conservative as can be, but the fact that my sexual orientation didn’t agree with my religious background led me to open myself to a political mindset different than my family’s or much of the Evangelical Church. I’ve been with my partner for seven years now. I’m so proud of what the President has done for the LGBT community. It recently became very tangible for me in Florida. In April, we had Fleet Week. I was working voter registration, and we had servicemembers who looked like they were in their early twenties approach us. They walked up in full uniform and spoke with us. They walked in and out of bars in Wilton Manors, openly. I was so impressed. That would have never happened before the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” All these servicemembers wanted to do was get off the ship and be themselves. It was a very proud moment.

I also love that President Obama has endorsed same-sex marriage. The LGBT community in Florida knows that this is the most supportive President we’ve ever had. I’ve heard Republicans tell me that they’re switching their vote—though not their parties —for Obama because of his record.

It’s because of President Obama’s record that my plan is to continue building my team of volunteers. I get a limited amount of vacation days at work, but closer to the election I’m going to be using a chunk of vacation days for the campaign. This election is just too important. To join me and other LGBT Americans for Obama, sign up to volunteer today.

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