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Vice President Biden on retirement security

Vice President Joe Biden visited Coconut Creek, Florida today to talk about two very different approaches to retirement security:

In our health care law, we’ve already extended the life of Medicare and its solvency to the year 2024 ... We’ve uncovered or recovered over $10.7 billion just since we’ve been in—in waste, fraud, and abuse that we put back into the system. If our Republican colleagues would join us, we could reduce the cost of Medicare by $100 billion just by doing one thing, saying drug companies cannot charge Medicare any more than they charge for any other federal program. Saying they can’t charge our elderly any more than they charge our veterans—that’s $100 billion.

We could save another $20 billion by asking the very wealthy of us, those who could easily afford health care if they have retirement incomes that are significant, to pay a little more. That would add another $20 billion. Look, there’s a lot more we can do to save this program, but it requires someone on the other side who wants to preserve the system, really cares about preserving it and not gutting it.

Read the Vice President's full remarks—and check back for updates from the rest of his campaign stops.

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