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Time to turn it up a notch

Florida state director Ashley Walker

With the calendar rolling over to 2012 it's time to turn it up a notch. We know Florida is a key state and Jim Messina reminded us why in a recent web video: "Florida's the easiest way to 270 electoral votes."

While there are many paths to 270, I'm confident Florida will deliver because we have the most committed and hardest working team leaders, volunteers, and organizing fellows.

As the state director I just finished setting our campaign goals from now until Election Day and, to be honest, they're really ambitious. That's because time after time Floridians have shown they're up to the challenge.

I'm excited today to share some of our plans for the coming weeks so you can start penciling them onto your calendar.

In two weeks we will honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by empowering Floridians to be heard in the voting booth. Later this month, supporters will connect at dozens of State of the Union watch parties. And just before all eyes turn to Florida for the primary election on January 31, we're going to show everyone what a grassroots campaign really looks like with a Statewide Day of Action.

I can't predict what exactly is in store for the year ahead, but I can tell you we won't hit any of our goals without your help. So right now, here are three simple ways to get involved:

  1. Make a New Year's resolution and commit to doing your part to support President Obama in 2012.

  2. Connect with OFA-Florida on Twitter and Facebook so you'll know first when details about the events I mentioned above are posted.

  3. Don't miss any breaking news from Florida with our mobile updates.

Without the dedication of our grassroots supporters the campaign wouldn't be here today—and we can't thank you enough for that. We know 2012 is going to be an even bigger year in Florida and we can't wait to get started.

If you're fired up, then click here and join us today.

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