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This is it

With the calendar flipping over to October it's time to sprint to the finish.

This is it. We have only 35 days left to re-elect President Obama and every vote could be the difference, especially here in Florida.

It only takes a minute to make sure you're ready to cast your ballot. Check your registration status right now with our online tool. If you're not registered, head over to and fill out your registration form right away.

Here's why: the October 9th voter registration deadline in Florida will be here before you know it.

So don't put this off for later—it's too important.

Once you're registered, multiply your voice by getting involved in your area. Commit to a volunteer shift and help make sure every voter is registered before the deadline on October 9th.

This election runs through Florida and President Obama is counting on all of us to do our part now.

Commit to a Volunteer Shift

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