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There's nothing more important

Ms. Frances makes sure her Florida neighbors are registered

“Hello! Is everyone at your house registered to vote?"

Last weekend Ms. Frances crisscrossed her hometown of Eatonville encouraging friends and neighbors to get ready for November during our national voter registration day of action.

As she drove between the houses on her street she points to each house that she's already visited, and double checks the ones she hasn't yet.

“Oh wait, new people just moved into that house from another state. They’ll need to register again."

Ms. Frances went door-to-door on a hot and sunny Saturday afternoon because there's nothing more important than making your voice heard at the ballot box.

You can empower your friends to make their voice heard by joining an upcoming voter registration training in your area.

And if you haven't registered yet, take a minute to visit and get started right now.

See our recent blog post "Five Things to Know about Voter Registration in Florida" for more information about voter registration in Florida.

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