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“There's nothing like it”

This week applications opened for the Obama Organizing Fellowship program. We'll share stories from current and past fellows until the Florida application deadline on June 2.

Danny an Obama 2012 organizer in Miami

Danny has been busy organizing volunteer teams in Central Miami-Dade since starting in the fellowship program last year.

Like many fellows, Danny was driven to get involved because the issues at stake hit home for his family and friends.

Most of my family is from Colombia and we know it's pretty much game over if President Obama doesn't win this election. That's because we know what the other side would do to immigration and I don't want to see us going down that path.

So yeah, my family was very supportive when I started the fellowship program because they know how important this election is.

The hours are long but our work is so much more meaningful than anything else you can do. Being surrounded every day by volunteers and campaign veterans who are so passionate is humbling and rewarding. There’s nothing like it.

Thousands of organizing fellows like Danny will shape our country for years to come—and become the next generation of leaders.

We're accepting applications in Florida until June 2 so don't wait, get yours in today and get started on the experience of a lifetime.

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