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“The President needs us”

Damon Weaver in Florida

Only a select group of people can say they've had an opportunity to interview the President of the United States.

But how many of them can say they were just 11-years old?

A few years ago Damon Weaver had this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sit down with President Obama—and the results were pretty memorable.

Now, Damon is volunteering for the President's reelection campaign. He has been canvassing in his neighborhood, registering voters, and spreading the word about the President's record on education.

"The President's done a great job helping the middle class be able to afford to send their kids to good schools. He should be reelected so we can keep moving forward, so he can finish what he started.

"Florida is a vital state. The President needs us. If we don't get out and make sure people vote, Mitt Romney could win. And that means President Obama won't be able to continue making college more affordable so that more kids can get a good education and be successful in life.

Damon is right: this election runs through Florida. Join him and thousands of Floridians who are spreading the word about the October 9th – tomorrow! – voter registration deadline in Florida.

Volunteer Today

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