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“The President is doing the right thing by fighting to keep college affordable”

Zachary supports President Obama in Coral Springs, Florida

It doesn't take long to see that Zachary isn't your average volunteer—or, 17-year old in Coral Springs.

I’m turning eighteen in August, just barely old enough to vote in November! I volunteered when I was a freshman in high school in 2008 and couldn’t stay away.

Thousands of young Americans like Zachary are getting involved because they know President Obama is standing up for their generation.

The President’s goal of making college affordable is important because I feel like every student in America should have the opportunity to succeed. It shouldn’t be based on your parents' financial background, but on your own personal merit and how hard you’re willing to work to reap the rewards.

The President is doing the right thing by fighting to keep college affordable and accessible.

Zachary still remembers exactly why he joined our movement and stays so committed.

Today he isn't just a volunteer though. Zachary is one of our youngest neighborhood team leaders in Florida, organizing others in his community to get involved.

I got involved because of the President’s message. Barack Obama stands for the American people. He grew up in a middle class family, he saw what the middle class was going through then, and he understands what the middle class is going through now.

He may be the President of the United States, but he still understands the American people. He is the voice of change that we have been looking for and he needs four more years.

Do your part and sign up to join grassroots volunteers like Zachary who are building our movement in your area.

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