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The latest in campaign fashion

Betty's Obama earrings were a big hit with the President in Delray Beach

When Betty went to see President Obama this week in Delray Beach, she had no idea that her earrings would steal the show.

"My daughter sent me these earrings and I just love them! When the President finished his speech and walked off the stage he pointed towards me, then he pointed toward my earrings.

"He said, 'Michelle is on the front of your earrings and I'm on the back?' I told him 'That's how it should be!' He instantly burst into laughter and said 'You're right, those are some great earrings.'

"Everyone needs to vote for the President, he needs to finish the work he started. My husband and I have been canvassing and phone banking. We went out for three hours the other morning!

What are you doing to support President Obama? Pitch in and do your part, get involved where you live:

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