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“The experience will change your life for the better”

Jimmy, an Obama field organizer in Florida, started off as an organizing fellow. If you’re thinking of applying to the program, Jimmy has some advice:

“Do it. The experience will change your life for the better. The experiences you have, the people you meet, and the activities you’re engaged in will make it all worthwhile."

Jimmy remembers what first led him to the fellowship, and why he’s still committed today.

“I didn’t really learn about politics until well after I graduated from college, when I started working in the financial services industry,” Jimmy says. “The more I learned over the years, the more frustrated I got with our political system. Then, the financial crisis came, and I got laid off and started reading news for hours every day. Finally, my girlfriend told me that I clearly have a passion for politics and I need to use this energy in a positive manner (frankly, I think she just wanted me to get out of the house). So I started looking around at the different ways to help out. One day, I came to the OFA office and started making phone calls, and before I knew it, I was an organizing fellow.

“I remember that I was at one of my earliest house meetings in Riverview. When people shared their personal stories, I was blown away and inspired by some of the amazing life experiences that people had to offer. I was honored to know these people and that I was there to do this important work.

“I believe in the work we are doing. I’m committed to building this infrastructure of volunteers that will learn all of the different parts of organizing. We know that the only thing we have to combat the moneyed interests in politics are our own efforts, time, and skills.”

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