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State of the Union: Reactions in Florida

Last night Floridians came together at State of the Union parties and watched President Obama lay out a plan for creating an America built to last. Afterwards, we asked what you thought about the President's speech.

No doubt about it, Lisa from Tamarac was fired up.

President Obama, you rocked it tonight! Your message was powerful and clear. It's comforting to know that you have our backs, and we'll have yours in November. Our mission is to get you re-elected, so you can finish what you started. As always, you inspire me and make me proud to be an American.

Up in Glen St. Mary, Alicia was inspired.

You made me a very proud American when we won the election in 2008 and tonight your speech inspired me yet again. Let's get everyone back to work and let's do it again in 2012! I am IN Mr. President!

If you're IN like Lisa or Alicia, then get started today and shape the campaign in your neighborhood.

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