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Stand with Caroline Kennedy in South Florida

We're excited to host National Campaign Co-Chair Caroline Kennedy this Thursday at events to build our grassroots movement in South Florida.

First she will join Women for Obama supporters in Broward County to celebrate the two year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. Across the state Women for Obama has already played a crucial role, and this special event is a great way to get involved.

There couldn't be anyone better than Caroline Kennedy to kick off the grand opening celebration in Pinecrest of the newest field office in Florida. As a National Campaign Co-Chair she is doing her part to build a lasting organization, and the next step in Pinecrest to making that happen is Thursday's office opening.

If you've been waiting to get involved, these events on Thursday are a great time to start!

You can RSVP online right now for both events. Click here to join the Women for Obama event, and find information about the Pinecrest office opening here.

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