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Spring Organizing Fellows: Here we go

As the field director here in Florida, I get fired up for days like this. Starting this afternoon the next class of Obama Organizing Fellows officially hits the ground for their first day.

The energy I see in these new organizers exemplifies what's so inspiring about our movement. Since the very beginning our not-so-secret weapon has been the most dedicated, hardest working network of grassroots supporters and volunteers imaginable—not a cadre of lobbyists and special interests, like some other campaigns.

It's neighbors talking to neighbors, real people having real conversations that is the key to our strategy. The Fellows will play a big role in supporting the neighborhood teams that our amazing volunteers are building across the state.

While today is the first official day for incoming Fellows, last weekend they got started at trainings across the state. Check out some highlights in the slideshow below.

And you know, I wouldn't be setting much of an example for incoming Fellows if I didn't include a field pitch in this blog post. So I'll keep this short but here's the bottom line: we've got ambitious goals in Florida and we need all hands on deck to hit them. If you're IN then take a cue from our incoming Fellows—step up and get started today!

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