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Small Businesses, Big Results

Join Small Business Owners for Obama

Last week marked the campaign's launch of Small Business Owners for Obama, and entrepreneurs across Florida are speaking up about the ways President Obama is fighting to level the playing field.

Jordan Johnson runs a tech startup in Gainesville and his business has benefited from the $200 billion in tax relief and incentives that President Obama signed into law to help businesses create jobs, invest, and grow right here in Florida.

"The Obama administration has been investing in businesses like mine by providing tax cuts for entrepreneurs like myself. Our business is based on the idea of coming up with new and useful products that no one else is thinking of, which is exactly what the President means when he says we need to 'out innovate' our competition.

In Jacksonville, Navy veteran Maurice Miller has been able to hire more employees at his barber shop thanks in part to the Obama Administration cutting taxes for small businesses 18 times already.

"I started my business a little over a year ago and the support of policies like President Obama’s tax breaks for small business owners has helped me to employ more barbers and expand my business. President Obama is looking out for business owners like myself because he knows we’re the ones that drive our local economies.

Because of small business tax credits in the Affordable Care Act, Wendy Halleck has been able to extend health insurance to more employees at her small business in Tallahassee.

"My employees are healthier and happier because of what President Obama has done for small business owners. When your workforce is healthy, everything runs more smoothly.

The success of small businesses and the entrepreneurs who guide them are critical for moving our economy forward and creating more jobs in Florida. Stand with them and become a part of Small Business Owners for Obama today.

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