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Romney economics: A letter from Cindy

In a letter to the editor of The Miami Herald yesterday, Cindy Hewitt explained how Romney economics has affected her:

From May 1996 to July 1998, I worked as a human resources manager for Dade Behring, a medical manufacturing firm with facilities in Miami. Every time I read about Mitt Romney citing his business experience—including job creation—as his chief qualification to be president, I’m dumbfounded.

Bain took over a profitable company that provided 850 high-wage jobs in South Florida. We had been told that our plant was the most profitable plant in the company. Instead of building on this success, it closed both South Florida facilities and everyone lost their jobs. Production was moved to Delaware and Germany, and Romney and his business partners made millions in the process.

The reality of Romney’s actions don’t match what he’s saying on the campaign trail.

—Cindy Hewitt, Miami

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