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Ready to vote at 98-years old

I'm with OFA_FL

Recently I was answering phones at the Lee County Democratic Executive Committee office when an energetic voice rang out, "It sure is nice to talk to a Democrat!"

On the other end was 98-year old Dick Gibbons who lives in a nearby retirement home with his wife Gertrude. He was engaged in a lively political discourse with other residents and wanted information he could share about President Obama's accomplishments.

He went on to mention how much he would like to vote for President Obama next year and make sure he is reelected, but having moved recently he wasn't registered to vote in Florida.

Since I have been trained to register voters by OFA Florida, I told Mr. Gibbons that I would be proud to come register him and his wife so they could vote. He was very happy when we arrived; I think in part so we could sit down and share a slice of "I'm In" cake together.

After we registered both he and his wife to vote I stayed to visit with them for a bit. Mr. Gibbons shared how he met his wife while roller skating, and talked about his earlier life as a union representative which reinforced his strong belief in Democratic values.

This experience reminded me how important the work we do for the campaign is—it's all about empowering people. I'm more inspired than ever to get out there and make sure more people like Dick Gibbons are heard.

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