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Pledge to Vote

Florida State Director Ashley Walker sent this message today:

Florida starts voting in just 42 days. Are you fired up?

If you're anything like me, you're chomping at the bit to cast your ballot for Barack Obama. But before early voting starts on October 27th, make your plans official and take one final step right from your computer or phone.

Please pledge to vote between October 27th and November 6th.

When you make that commitment, we'll also tell you if you're registered and ready to go, or if you still need to take care of that.

And don't stop there. We know Florida will be absolutely crucial to victory for President Obama, and every single vote will count. It's on all of us to get the people we know to the polls.

So after you make your pledge, you'll see a suggested list of your Facebook friends who may need a reminder to check their registration status. Take a second to spread the word to just a few of them. If one friend picks it up from there and gets registered to vote -- you started that. And that's how we win.

Studies show that when Americans make a formal commitment to doing something, they're much more likely to follow through and actually do it. So even if you're on top of your game and wouldn't miss this election for the world, I'm asking you to ask your friends to make sure they'll be ready, too.

Thousands of Floridians have already done this. Join them -- pledge to vote today.

Pledge to Vote

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