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Organizing Essentials: Twitter

Florida Organizing Essentials

I was elated when I was accepted for the spring fellowship program because I had promised myself to get involved and make sure the Sunshine State comes through in 2012.

I'm only a few weeks into the fellowship program and I've already seen how powerful social networks like Twitter are for getting people involved and excited about the campaign.

Social media enables us to extend the offline relationships and interactions we're developing, so it's only natural that it goes hand-in-hand with community organizing.

I love taking photos at an event and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter because our volunteers and neighborhood team members deserve recognition for all their hard work. For people who aren't involved yet, it's a great way to show them what we're doing—and that everyone has a lot of fun doing it!

There really aren't lines between online and offline organizing anymore—it's all community organizing.

Get social with OFA-Florida, connect today on Twitter and Facebook—then take a minute to join the Florida Digital Team.

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