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Organizer Spotlight: Meet Raymond

Jacksonville, Raymond Paultre, Organizer, Fellow

Name: Raymond Paultre
Campaign Role: Jacksonville, Regional Field Director

Q1. Tell us about yourself:
I’m originally from New York City, and last year was a fellow in Washington, DC, and today I'm excited to be working for the President as the Regional Field Director in Jacksonville.

Q2. Why did you get involved in the Fellowship program?
I got involved because I believe we're at a point in our country where we're really going to be deciding what it’s going to look like for the next generation. I think about all the things we enjoy now, and then think about all the people who came before us and made that sacrifice. There's nothing better than taking part in something that will shape the future.

Q3. What would you say to those people who aren’t sure if they should get involved?
Life gives you rare opportunities to be part of something that's greater than yourself, and if presented with one of these opportunities you should take advantage of it. I don't want to wake up on November 7th and feel like I could've done something more to get President Obama re-elected.

Q4. What inspires you about President Obama?
In 2008, the President said we are the change that we have been waiting for — and, whether you're the state director, an organizer, or a volunteer; if we build the democracy we deserve, then all our hard work is worth it.

Barack Obama is a man of character, someone people can relate to. He shares the same vision of this country that I want for my future children, and that’s why I’m working to make sure he comes out on top.

Follow Ray’s lead and submit your application for the Obama Organizing Fellowship program ahead of the June 2 deadline in Florida.

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