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Office opening of the week: Riverview, Florida

Jimmy Tan at the Riverview OFA-Florida office opening

At the grand opening of the Riverview office last night, neighborhood team leaders claimed their own team rooms and invited more than 200 new friends to get involved with the campaign.

Field organizer Jimmy Tan says every room was “jam-packed,” and he had a hard time keeping all the names straight. In an area with a vocal Republican base, Jimmy thinks last night’s party was just what local volunteers needed:

“It was one more opportunity for people to see that they’re not alone—that they’re not the only one on their block or in their neighborhood who feels the way they do and shares the same ideals and values. It was a time to mix and mingle with other people and get involved in something. We had quite a few people who’ve never done anything political before, but they came out because they know the President is on the right path. This is a chance to become part of something bigger than ourselves.

“All the team members had a great time interacting with each other. We’ll keep building on this and keep bringing more people in.

“I can’t tell you the number of times people said to me, ‘I live right down the street and I’ll be coming here all the time.’ Every time I hear that, it’s like music to my ears.”

If you live in the Tampa area, swing by the Riverview office at 11215 Bloomingdale Avenue and sign up for a volunteer shift.

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