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No turning back in Tallahassee

Taylor an Obama Organizing Fellow in Tallahassee

Although Taylor is only 18-years old, she's grown up quickly—the byproduct of a rare medical condition that forced her to spend more time in hospitals than people many times her age.

For Taylor, that experience is exactly what led her to getting involved as an organizing fellow.

“I grew up with neurocardiogenic syncope (NCS) and it opened my eyes to people who aren’t fortunate enough to have insurance, and to those who have serious health issues.

"Growing up worrying about my health, worrying about prescriptions, worrying about doctors visits—The Affordable Care Act really resonated. The President cares about everyone’s access to health care and it inspired me.

Taylor was so inspired that she became an organizing fellow in Tallahassee right away.

“I was 17 when I first started. A volunteer with the campaign called me one day and asked me to get involved. I was so excited that I went in that afternoon and never turned back.

“Being a fellow can seem overwhelming but we have such a great time, and getting to know the other fellows has been amazing. You come in once and you want to keep coming back.

"It doesn't feel like work—it feels like an opportunity. Don’t be daunted, apply and get involved!

Applications are being accepted until June 2 for the summer organizer program in Florida. Click here and get yours in today.

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